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Artisan Roaster


With a distinguished career in roasting coffee spanning over two decades, Our master roaster Alex is an industry expert who has acquired exceptional techniques that adhere to the strictest standards and works to maintain the integrity of the coffee flavor for his consumers throughout the entire roasting process. In 1996, desiring to use more of an artisan approach to roasting, he decided to pursue his true passion for roasting coffee and creating the greatest coffee experience for his consumers. He acquired his own distinct and highly sought after personal roasting style that provides means of discovering unique ways to bring out natural flavor profiles of various types of coffees that can please any palate. It was here, that Montana’s Coffee and Tea Services was created.

Montana prides itself on sourcing the best tasting and freshest 100% Arabica  coffee beans available from growers who practice responsible land stewardship and bio-friendly farming techniques in diverse growing regions around the world. In his role as master roaster, Alex oversees the daily roasting process and works closely with staff members whom he has personally trained to hand-roast all of the coffee in small batches.

Our roasters are  dedicated to work with you to determine the taste you desire and develop a recipe that will produce that flavour with uniform quality. Depending on your needs, we can manipulate the coffee bean to be mellow, mild, acidic, or full-bodied. A customized blend is then developed to extract the optimum taste from the bean. By micro-roasting your coffee to-order we can ensure that the flavour and freshness will be predictable and uniform. Once we've come up with your very own customized blend profile Montana will pick the coffee beans, roast, grind, pack and deliver the coffee exclusively to you as often as you need it.