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Montana's Process


The specialty coffee market has grown to demand better tasting coffee. Coffee drinkers are more educated and discriminating today than they have ever been. With this in mind, our care and the help of our experienced staff, we are able to satisfy the growing consumer demand for 100% Arabica gourmet coffee beans.

In order to ensure each batch meets your expectations, our Master Roaster will hand select beans, monitor the roasting process to the peak of perfection and customize the blend of beans to match the exact specification of the customer. Depending on the flavour to be achieved, mellow, mild, acidic or full-bodied coffee beans are chosen in various amounts.

But what makes for a great tasting coffee blend? Our principles are based on the 4 characteristics of coffee: aroma, acidity, body and flavour.


Aroma: Without our sense of smell, our only taste sensations would be: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. The aroma of coffee contributes greatly to the flavours we discern on our palates.

Acidity: Acidity is a desirable characteristic in coffee. It is the sensation of dryness that the coffee produces under the edges of your tongue and on the back of your palate. The role acidity plays in coffee is not unlike its role as related to the flavour of wine. It provides a sharp, bright, vibrant quality. Without sufficient acidity, the coffee will tend to taste flat.

Body: Body is the feeling that the coffee has in your mouth. It is the viscosity, heaviness, thickness, or richness that is perceived on the tongue. Your perception of the body of a coffee is related to the oils and solids extracted during brewing.

Flavour: All of these factors combine to produce flavour. Flavour is the overall perception of the coffee in your mouth. It is the balance and homogenization of these senses that creates your overall perception of the coffee flavour.

The expertise, quality control, consistency and the experienced background of our Master Roaster all but guarantees a perfect cup of fresh roasted coffee - every time.